Visit Nyumbani

Tour the Children’s Home: Approximately 1 hour in duration.For individuals who would like to visit and tour the Nyumbani Children’s Home facility in Nairobi, please contact helen.marshall@nyumbani.org.uk for details.

Volunteer at Nyumbani

All Volunteers must be 21 or over.

Nyumbani Children’s Home: Volunteers at the Home are needed when the children are out of school in April. Volunteers teach English and math, and work with children on sports, various activity clubs and the computer lab. Volunteers at the Home are asked to come two weeks in advance of the school break and to stay as long as two weeks after the break for debriefing.
Nyumbani Village: Up to 16 volunteers at a time can be housed in the guest house at the Village. Volunteers must commit to a minimum of two months and may stay up to six months. They can perform any tasks associated with the farm, social work, assist at the clinic and assist in teaching.Lea Toto Internship Program: Several universities have created programs with Lea Toto where students participate in medical and community outreach programs in poverty stricken areas in and around Nairobi.
For more information on volunteering, or for an application, please email hello@nyumbani.org.uk